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The future of work is remote. Gain access to on-demand workspaces around the world with only one app. Managing remote work has never been so easy.


StartRaumGöttingen, Germany


Friday CoworkAntwerpen, Belgium


RepublikkenCopenhagen, Denmark


Velvet SpaceMünchen, Germany


RHIZOMBasel, Switzerland

Access a world of Workspaces and Meeting Rooms.


How does it all work?


Step 1. Download the app and log-in.


Step 2. Find a coworking space near you or on your way.


Step 3. Check-in at the door with the QR code.

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"Doesn‘t matter if you‘re in Berlin, Prague or Barcelona, OneCo lets you check in to amazing coworking places at ease. This is Coworking at its best. This app is on my home screen forever."

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Marianna Recchia

CEO of Tonus Tech

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Jörn Hendrik Ast

Founder of New Work Heroes GmbH

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Chiara Mezzavilla

Backend Developer at Infarm

Coworking spaces aren't only for freelancers, but also 

remote workforces.
flexible teams.
hybrid corporations.
distributed teams.

Let's find the best
workspace setup for you

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Get inspired

    More flexibility and work-life balance
    Inspiring and productive atmospheres
    Eco-friendlier, shorter commutes
    Interesting community events
    The choice to work on-the-go

Get professional

    Focused, professional workspaces
    Reliable and fast internet connection
    Private, on-demand meeting rooms
    Fully equipped office spaces
    Grow your professional community

Work smarter

    Hire talent anywhere
    Scale faster with our coworking apps
    Drastically cut back-office & real estate costs
    One dashboard & one monthly invoice
    Dedicated customer support

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