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Our Berlin Plans

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49 €per month

  • 4 check-ins usable in our Berlin partner spaces within a month.
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99 €per month

  • 8 check-ins usable in our Berlin partner spaces within a month.
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199 €per month

  • 20 check-ins usable in our Berlin partner spaces within a month.
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Some of our Spaces

  • betahaus Hamburg

  • Republikken Copenhagen

  • Coworking Lenzburg

  • Outsite Lisbon

  • Workinton Istanbul

  • Transforma bxl Brussels

  • Roam Ubud Bali

  • Fosbury & Sons Antwerp

  • Le Phare du Kanaal Brussels

Start Working Remote Today! 

  • Be more motivated!

    Working from a coworking space makes you a happier and more productive human being. It takes you out of your regular working environment and helps you to focus on the important things you need to get done.

  • Get inspired by others!

    The invigurating atmosphere of a coworking space and its people, helps you to start thinking outside of the box. Get inspired by new ideas and perspectives.

  • Meet new people!

    When you need somebody talk to or to get feedback, a coworking space is the first place to turn to. Regardless if you're looking for a co-founder, a CEO, or just someone to spend your lunch break with, coworking is all about the people and making connections


  • Supportive Community

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    Professional Network

  • Events and Meetups


    Source of Inspiration

  • New Business Contacts

  • More Productivity

  • Focus

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    Increased Motivation

  • Flexibility

  • Conferencing

  • Digital Network

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One Coworking for Teams and Larger Organizations

  • One Coworking for Teams

    If you are a group with 2 or more, reach out. We'll create a team account that handle payments for everybody in the team.

  • One Coworking for Small Organizations

    If you are an organization with 10-50+ employees, reach out for a custom offer. We can also help you define and implement a strategy to get your company remote-work ready!

  • One Coworking Enterprise

    With our Enterprise Plan, we provide you with a transition agent who will help you and your employees to embrace and understand the benefits of working in a more flexible way. We also have customized solutions for companies with 100-500+ employees. Contact us for more information!


Jörn Hendrik Ast

Founder New Work Heroes GmbH

"Doesn‘t matter if you‘re in Berlin, Prague or Barcelona OneCo let‘s you Checkin easily at amazing places at ease. This is Coworking at it‘s best. This App is on my home screen forever."

Become Part of the One Coworking Network as a Coworking Space

We put a great deal of effort into only bringing the best work spaces into the network that can guarantee an inspiring atmosphere and a vibrant community. Our Approach is coworking-founder-centric. We prefer independent boutique coworking experience over large-scale brand deserts.

Advantages for Spaces

  • Good for Business

    Put your space on the map and get more incoming traffic. Our mission is to bring more people to your coworking space, drive more business and improve your sales.

  • Stronger Together

    One Coworking connects coworking spaces around the world and allows its members to roam to other spaces for free one day per month. With One Coworking, independent spaces can boost their memberships to global level and have a stronger offering by providing their members with worldwide coverage.

  • Less Work

    One Coworking app makes it super easy to check in to other coworking spaces, access the most important information, connect to the local community, and attend local events. It tracks all check-ins and provides an overview of incoming and outgoing member traffic. Less work for you!

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