Day Passes to work from inspiring spaces

Gain instant access to hundreds of inspiring, flexible workspaces around the globe, for you or your team. All with only one app. It's a world of on-the-go workspaces at your fingertips.


StartRaumGöttingen, Germany


Friday CoworkAntwerpen, Belgium


RepublikkenCopenhagen, Denmark


Velvet SpaceMünchen, Germany


RHIZOMBasel, Switzerland

How does it all work?


Step 1. Download the app and log-in.


Step 2. Find a workspace near you or on your way.


Step 3. Check-in at the door with the QR code.

Instant check-in to hundreds of workspaces across the globe


What's included

Drop-in access to hundreds of workspaces globally

Request and book private meeting rooms

One platform, one membership, one bill

No minimum sign-up

Full-time support

Tailored location scouting

Manage your team with one dashboard

Privately add and manage your own office for centralised usage report

For You

For Teams

Why use Day Passes with One Coworking?

A world of work spaces

With hundreds of locations, in dozens of cities, and a location scouting service, we can find you workspace wherever you need it.

Easy on-demand access

Level up your flexible workingwith the app that allows you to drop-in work space as and when you need, whilst you're on the go.

Curated spaces to inspire & delight

We take pride in our curated network of workspaces, hand-picked to deliver you productivity, inspiration, comfort and wellbeing.

One membership, one invoice

Cut the hassle of multiple sign-ups or numerous booking requests. With one app you can manage everything with ease - for you or your team.


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